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    Jeff Free

    This is where civic life begins. Finding like-minded people near you, meeting them and finding out what you can collaborate on. I hate to be grandiose and say this is what America was founded on but it’s true. It’s a skill that we’ve lost with the growth of the all-promising state, with mass media, wholesale politics/polls/donors, and with other parts of modern life. Whatever the purpose (socializing, solving a local problem, etc), it’s a skill we need to regain and be comfortable with again. I’ve done some really basic Internet research (some who are clearly opposed to everything we stand for – but who have something to teach us).

    Chapter Building – Young Americans for Liberty

    Setting Up a Field Operation – Local Victory

    Community Organizing – Center for Community Change

    Precinct Organizing – Voices for America

    Civic Engagement Manual – TFNEF and Wellstone Action

    Precinct Leader Agreement and Voter Engagement – ProgressiveTechKit

    There’s other stuff out there too. The goal is to copy what works – for us at a personal local level – and to put it into a form that we can be comfortable implementing/communicating even if we’ve never done it before. And to do so by self-organizing, cutting the project into itty-bitty pieces, and moving it along for the next person.

    Thanks in advance.

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