When there is an economic crisis, we often demand that politicians do something! Since those crises are often the unintended (or even cronyist) consequence of what politicians previously approved, they are always willing to evade responsibility for causing the problem by doing another something. Here, two dead economists throw down a rap to show what happens then – when we can choose between more bottom-up or more top-down.

The more freedom less planning (or in political terms bottom-up) approach to solving these problems can be scary because there’s no leader who will stand up and promise a bright future if only we hand over our money/freedom/children to them. But spontaneous order works. It’s what puts food on our table regularly. It’s why you can understand what I’m writing and why I’m writing it so you can understand it. And it is also beautiful for both humans and starlings.

The more we try to control and plan that freedom and spontaneous order, the less likely we are to solve real problems like poverty or oppression and the more likely we are to create a dystopia instead.

And that dystopia that we (hopefully) didn’t intend but that happened anyway, just sows the seeds for a future crisis when it becomes obvious that it’s not working the way we expect.